Born 1953
Chief Charry Ada Onwu-Otuyelu is from Amaigbo in Imo state. She is married to Mr Olusoji Otuyelu and has four children. Her areas of interest include folktales and history.

A nurse by profession, Chief Onwu-Otuyelu got her nursing professional qualifications from University Teaching Hospital Ibadan and Maternity Hospital Lagos. She is an ex-soldier that worked with the Armed Forces Medical Service during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war. She is one of the early female voices to take the genre of Children's literature very seriously. Ifeanyi and Obi won the Children's literature award in 1988.
Since her debut creative works in the early 80s, Chief Onwu-Otuyelu has branched off into other research areas like history and sociology. Since the closure of her clinic and maternity, she is currently into politics.


Good Morning Mr Kolanut is a collection of people's ideas and responses to the concept of Kolanut. With a socio-cultural framing across different ethnicities in Nigeria, the book captures both scholarly and popular notions and contestations surrounding the planting, usage, and consumption of Kolanut.

Of interest then is the fact that despite disparate cultural differences in Nigeria, many of Chief Onwu-Otuyelu's interviewees concur on the idea of female exclusionism in this facet of Nigerian culture. It smacks of great irony then that Chief Ada Onwu-Otuyelu, woman, is among the foremost researchers to investigate and document issues on relating to Kolanut.


    Ifeanyi and Obi
  • Our Grannies Tales
  • Adobi
  • Amaigbo Kwenu: History of my town
  • Catastrophe
  • Triumph of Destiny
  • Good Morning Mr Kolanut (2009)


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